Exotic "Garden to Glass" Cocktail Seed Kit

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Exotics: Tootheache, Butterfly Pea, Navajo Sunset, Cucamelons, Pansies

The next step up in garden to glass edible gardens! These unique plants may require more finesse but will reward you with unique plants that delight drinkers. Flashy, color changing, miniature, and mouth numbing properties are found in these fun, whimsical varieties!

Grow, craft, muddle, and garnish your way to garden to glass drinks with our carefully edited selection of starter seeds for the beginner or experienced gardener looking to grow their own edible garden. Whether you're gardening in a terrace container garden, a windowsill or a tilled patch of land, these seeds will grow tasty and beautiful beverage ingredients. 

Included in each garden to glass seed pack are instructions on how to grow the seeds AND how to use them once they're grown. We've selected our favorite seed varieties from independent seed growers, with a focus on non-GMO, open source and organic seed varieties. Each plant has been picked for its ease of growing, its beauty, its potential yield, and its function in an edible garden. We've saved you time and shipping costs by bringing these garden to glass seeds together in one pack of simple goodness!

Then we walk you through years of what we've learned in our test gardens, on the farm, in the kitchen and behind the bar, in the form of tips for each category: grow, craft, muddle, and garnish. Become an at home botanical mixologist, armed with our guide! Each seed represents many possible uses and many handcrafted cocktails to come!